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IMEI Serial Checker


imei serial checker.
Lost, Stolen and Barred; Check your item for all of these things before you buy it and don’t take a risk. This is a fairly instant service with a report you can print and keep with the product.

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IMEI Serial Checker for any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

About to buy a phone, not sure of its history… don’t get caught out with our quick and simple History checker.

You will receive a detailed report about any blacklist, insurance claim or report of theft. We will also check which network carrier your phone is locked to.

Fast and easy service.

Provide your phone make and model

IMEI and serial Number.


These settings can usually be found in your phones settings and about phone menu. Printed on the back of the phone, sim tray or box.

For a double check and to be certain you can get your imei from any phone by going to the phone dialler and keying in *#06#

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