If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself with a wet phone follow the below simple steps to maximise your chance of saving your phone. It doesn’t matter if it has been in the bath, down the toilet or in the sea. Same rules apply!

The most important thing to keep in mind, is to get the power out of the phone, the water doesn’t really damage the phone, it’s the mixture of power and water that does. So don’t try and switch it on, charge it or use it. If it’s still on, then turn it off and if you can remove the battery.

iRepairTech.com – quick 10 step water damage check list;

  1. Remove your phone from the water and dry it with a kitchen towel.
  2. Turn the phone off immediately and remove from power source.
  3. Remove from case and disconnect any headphones, chargers, cables etc. (dry again)
  4. Remove the battery (if possible), SIM card and leave the sim tray out.
  5. Do not use a hair dryer or place in an oven or microwave as this can cause more damage.
  6. Give the phone a little shake to get rid of any water that maybe left inside.
  7. Use a Vacuum cleaner nozzle, it’s great for sucking the water out quickly.
  8. You could use a cotton bud to help soak the water up.
  9. Wrap it in Kitchen Towel and leave it in a warm place like an airing cupboard.
  10. Get it to iRepairTech.com as soon as you can. Use the button below to book your water damage repair. We repair water damaged phones all the time at iRepairTech.com and if you’ve followed our 10 simple rules, you have a good chance of saving your device or recovering your data.

MOST IMPORTANT:  Even after doing all the above do not try and switch on or charge your phone. It takes one small amount of water or minerals on the circuit board to fry your phone and render it unrepairable. We pressure treat your phone with chemicals and totally clean the entire phone, then check the circuit board with special equipment before we try and power on the phone.

There are many other ways to help with water damage phones, like rice bags, hair dryers, oven treatment etc.. sometimes these treatments can work, sometimes they don’t and damage your phone further. Most of the time they appear to work and then your phone suddenly overheats, turns off and in some cases the battery can explode. It’s always best to get professional help when it comes to a water damaged phone… iRepairTech.com !!!

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